Most Frequently Asked Question

Most Frequently Asked Question

Q- #1.  Why hire an interior designer?

“When clients come to me, they want their project designed and customized to their taste, preferences and budget. Often, they attempt to do their own work, and have spent hours and hours struggling to make decisions. It looks so easy on HGTV, and there are so many options you can purchase online.

Sometimes of my clients make mistakes and the result is not what they expected, and the mistakes are costly. Buying the wrong scale of sofa could cost thousands of dollars, or choosing the wrong material could result in having to repurchase item sooner than planned.

Most of my clients hire me because they don’t have the ability or time to do it themselves, or they’ve tried to do it themselves and quickly realized that even something as seemingly simple as paint selection proved to be a difficult and time-consuming task, with multiple trips to the paint store because they couldn’t find the right shade. They don’t want to go through the time, aggravation and expense of trial and error, with no guarantee that they’ll love what they created.

When clients hire me, they get peace of mind knowing that my 20 years of experience and expertise will translate into the space of their dreams for many years to come. As one of my clients recently told me, her new space is a ‘gift that rewards her each day’. The value to her is priceless, and that’s what I strive for with each client.”

Q- #2. How do you charge for your services?

“When we meet with you, my first concern is making sure we both understand why you want to do your project, and what you have envisioned. I will take time to evaluate your wish list and priorities, and then, based on what you want and need, I will develop a Value Based Fee proposal that fits your needs and your budget. My clients have found that they love this model because they decide up front exactly how much they’re comfortable investing, and know that the project will fall within that amount.”