Our smart shopping service

Focal Point Interiors – This professional shopping experience comes with years of experience. And with this kind of  expertise you can count on making great decisions for your homes.  Whether visiting retail establishments, wholesale distributors, auctions or flea markets- the fee is a simple hourly rate plus expenses and a whole lot of fun. 

What to Expect

Experience a day with a professional designer. We will visit many stores and sit on many sofas. With our ready list of the needed items and pre-designed floor plan in hand, we will select  the main items for each room various retail establishments.

If you just love to shop then this is a great service for you. On the other hand, be forewarned. This  service may not be for the client that tires easily. We advise comfortable shoes and clothing because this can be a pretty arduous days work.  Never fear though, your designer is sure to help maintain the focus.

Who Dose this Service Benefit?

“Sometimes I find some of my clients prefer to shop at antique stores or consignment stores and they need my opinion and advice. Then there are clients which prefer to buy ready-made items. My shopping service is a huge benefit to many of our clients. We love to help them make wise shopping choices which can save them time and money.”